For Boxwood, our brief was to create an elegant brand design for the new Gardener’s Gift range.

With the natural elegance of plants and the beautiful imagery available for the project, the packaging and supporting literature was designed around that. The resulting gift sets have a minimal appearance which enables the focus to be the main gift itself — the plant.

Boxwood Gardener
Boxwood logo design

The idea behind the logo design was to reflect the simple style of the product packaging. This was achieved using a clean and elegant font and a little bit of creativity. The icon contains the silhouette of a box tree which was the inspiration for the company name.

Boxwood Chilli Lovers contents

The packaging for Boxwood Gardener’s Gifts consisted of a wrap around sleeve for the box, leaflet, delivery notification card and wrapper for a complimentary chocolate. With a clean and consistent brand design through each item.

Brand design for Boxwood Gardener

The Gardener’s Gift range launched with 5 varieties…

Boxwood Chilli Lovers
Boxwood Lavender Lovers
Boxwood Rose Lovers
Boxwood Patio Peach
Boxwood Pinks Collection

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