Inspired by a scribble

CPW Education provide a dedicated IT service to schools and tasked us with a creating a new brand identity.

They wanted to capture the imagination of the already busy teachers and governors who have to handle IT on top of everything else. So we developed a bright and playful style to reflect the engaging environment of the school classroom whilst bringing their marketing to life.

Childs drawing that inspired a brand
CPW Education logo design

Using the core logo of the CPW Computing brand we evolved the appearance into a more playful design so it would stand apart from its corporate base.

The playful style continues throughout the marketing and literature with a vibrant colour palette. The result is a bright, consistent and memorable brand identity.

Brochure design for new CPW Education brand identity
Character design for CPW education

Inspired by the drawing of a pupil, we developed a lively mascot family to accompany promotional material. This gave the brand identity some real character. Literally!

Promotional flyer design for CPW Education
boat illustration for CPW Education
Hero character design for CPW Education

The website was designed to be just as fun and engaging, therefore continuing the playful vibrancy of brand identity.

Website design for CPW Education