Ever since we helped to rebrand Grazers and it’s packaging design, the product has gone from strength to strength. It has even grown into a specialist range of products in both the commercial and retail markets.

It is certainly reaping the benefits of a clear and consistent brand identity.

Grazers new logo design

Key to the rebrand, the new logo is bold, clean and reflects the crop and plant growing aspect that Grazers promotes.

Additional message logos were created to support the creature and nature-friendly benefits of the products. These appear throughout the product packaging and marketing.

Grazers rebrand icons
Grazers packaging rebrand

Uniformity was important so that all products could be immediately identified as part of the Grazers brand. With colour helping to set them apart from one another.

slug and snail crawling away

Creatures avoiding the product are a visual story of how Grazers is effective against damage.

The identity developed for the packaging design continues through the advertising campaign and associated literature to build a strong brand and a consistent product message.

Advert design for Grazers G2 formula
Advert design for Grazers G3 formula
Leaflet design for Grazers G2 formula product

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