Barenbrug UK have been grass seed experts for over 100 years and their specialist lawn seed range Green Velvet was approaching a rebrand to launch it into the retail market.

With our knowledge of packaging design and developing products in the gardening market, Barenbrug approached us to grow the Green Velvet brand into this new era.

Old Green Velvet logo
New Green Velvet logo design

Rather than completely discard the original logo which had established a commercial following, we looked to enhance the overall style with a slightly bolder, more contemporary font to boost shelf presence amongst its competitors in the retail aisles.

Green Velvet packaging design

A bold yet sophisticated style was developed for the retail packaging design. We used the corporate green to establish the range and complimented that with product specific colours. This gave the products a consistent theme but with enough personality to separate them from one another. So the viewer could more easily make a decision.

Product related grass silhouettes were created as a means of visual identification for the product packaging as well as adding a little wit to the proceedings.

Green Velvet Lawn Seed All Rounder pouch detailGreen Velvet Lawn Seed Action Hero pouch detail
Green Velvet Lawn Seed Easy Fixer pouch detailGreen Velvet Lawn Seed Perfectionist pouch detail

To represent the knowledge and expertise behind their seed mixtures a signature graphic was created to be used on the retail packaging design and marketing material

Green Velvet Barenbrug packaging signature

And to continue the feeling of knowledge gained from their rich history and product development a sales brochure was designed in the style of a journal telling the story of Barenbrug and its passion for grass

Green Velvet Lawn Seed brochure design