Hitting the mark

As a long standing client, we’ve taken a lot of pride in our evolution of the Hunterskill Recruitment brand. From logo design to web design, including an online job board which is viewable on all devices. This all combines into a consistent brand identity to give Hunterskill a marketing edge.

Hunterskill Recruitment logo for the new brand design
Hunterskill Recruitment commercial sector icon

A set of icons were designed to represent each of the employment sectors. These have become a crucial part of the brand design.

Hunterskill Recruitment icon set

The new candidate website had to be clear and to the point. And keep true to the brand identity…

Hunterskill Recruitment responsive web design

It also had to be easy to navigate and work on all mobile devices. This enables users to browse jobs quickly, efficiently and on the go.

Hunterskill Recruitment website job board design