Medpac is an innovative company specialising in bags designed to carry and store medicines with personal identification. It needed a product brand to reflect its qualities. We achieved this with a design that could be utilised across a wide range of applications. This included the bags themselves, stationery and other printed media such as display graphics and a website.

Medpac logo design

We created a custom font unique to the logo design. Its rounded style is intended to reflect the shape of the products. Whilst also representing the friendliness of the company behind them.

Old website design for Medpac

With the increased use of mobile phones and tablets to browse the internet, websites are now required to adapt to suit them. Medpac made the decision to update the original website that we created in 2012 (see above).

The new website is not only fresh but responsive (mobile friendly). This means that the products can be showcased to an ever increasing audience. This results in a smoother, more engaging experience.

New website design for Medpac
Mobile friendly website design

The strength of the product brand is enhanced by consistency through all digital and printed media.

Stationery design for Medpac

Photography is used in marketing material to illustrate the use of the product. This helps to demonstrate the potential of Medpac to its wide audience. Therefore building a rich, positive story.

Medpac leaflet illustrating product brand
Medpac Thank You postcard

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